More mods, shes almost ready!

June 03, 2017  •  2 Comments
May 22nd

Yesterday was a good day. Met up with Michael in rainbow. once again we arrive within minutes of each other with no contact for days. Then it was off to the new rainbow school to see the work in progress where we met with Dianne with whom we would be spending the night. She introduced us to a man named Mel who was kind enough to take us to the Pella church and museum and show us around. Part of the tour included playing an organ, over 100 years old, from melbourne. After this we met up with the nhill photography group doing a session on night sky photography. A few shots with them had michael and i itching to do more so we headed off on our own to an old limestone kiln Mel had shown us earlier.
Then it was back to Diannes place for some coffee and chats. Little did i know that my Camparina idea was not so unique as Dianne had and Echo that she made in to a camper and called it the Echobago. But she was more then impressed with my wiring of batteries and whatnot!
Today is just a lazy clean up the house day. Out for breakfast like coffee drink with michael then to the hardware store for some supplies. Fixed some switches that i have been meaning to fix for over one year and made a velcro placemat for my laptop as well as some other odds and ends. Then a quick lunch break with michael and back to fixing things. I think its time for a break and then a camp this evening in yapeet. All going well so far. loosing some weight in the car of things i dont need. All is well.

May 23rd
Spent the night with Michael on the shores of lake albucuta spotting owls and having a campfire. The next morning we went for a little walk to get inspired. I spotted some birds i have never seen before and michael came up with some art ideas that we will hopefully be installing next weekend. Then it was back to Rainbow for coffee and a hair cut. After brief chats with the ladies at the hair salon i worked on some photos as michael had some appointments. Also more tidy up work on the car. I think the car will be a constant project as i figure out whats needed and whats not. Its getting more comfy everyday and somehow more spacious.
Out for dinner with some locals at the pub then back to Diannes for a sleep in the utes and Camperinas.
May 24th
After a short meeting Michael and I headed back to lake albucutcha for some more photos but seeing how it was already noon we decided to part ways. I headed to Horsham for a resupply and then back to Ratzcastle as I enjoyed it so much the first time. This time there were already 3 RVs there and another arrived after me. I talked to some of the people there, nice as always, and then hid away the rest of the evening in the camperina as it was raining. But i did get to test the home cinema set up.
PACIFIC RIM on the 11.6" monster screen with audio pumping though my car sound system. Awesome!!!!
May 25th
Its my grandmas birthday today, Happy birthday Omi! Today was a bit of driving. Im trying to keep to my rule of no more then 200km per day but today i went a little over. I made my way to Mt Gambier, probably one of my favorite towns in all of australia, and checked out the aussie disposals and used book store. Picked up a book by asimov and would you believe it, Gary Gygax. Dont know who that is? Shame on you!
With Rain on and off i hit robe again with memories of Jay. Stopped at the old prison or GAOL as its called and then helped a young couple jump start their RV. After  i had them going again we talked for a bit and they were envious of my dual battery set up, and i was envious of their spacious accommodation, but not their fuel milage. After robe it was out for dinner, a bit of subway, then as rain is again on the horizon i decided to call it a night in the coorrong. Just getting the Home AV system set up for... i think it will be Enders Game tonight.
Catch you all in the A.M. Plan is to hit Adelaide by about 5pm and hang with Em for a few days to celebrate the Koscars (awards for our Dragon Boat club) Night.
May 26th,
Made my way to ems place in Adelaide with a bit of relaxing and car cleaning on the way. Once arrived it was beers and showing off the new digs, both standard and wheeled versions. A wonderful steak dinner and an invitation to do a parkrun 5km run. Early to bed for me.
May 27th
A 5km Parkrun was a great way to start the day. Then it was hanging out with Em at a cool little micro brewery where i learned heaps about distilling. Then it was a evening out with Em and Dane celebrating what it is to be Komodo. Many drinks were had, too many in fact.
May 28th
The day began with a great practice session in the Dragon Boat with the Adelaide team Em has join, Water warriors. Then it was out for some breakfast and a walk through the old market. Coffee and put put boats. Then it was time for me to make my way back to rainbow to meet michael. It was a bit of an effort, maybe 400km but i got there in the end. A little bit of singing made the trip a little shorter. Once there it was drinking wine and talking about camperinas and echobagos again.
May 29th
I had coffee with Jen, which is an artist Michael had brought up to rainbow, and many chats about each of our families histories. Jen is super interesting and open to talking about what it is to be Australian and her identity. After a big day in Rainbow which had me making modifications to the Camperina and reading a bit it was time to head melbourne way. Michael would do it in one go but i decided to do it in two, camping at the site i hit first out of melbourne about a week ago. A bit of watching a movie then time for bed.
May 30th
Arrived in Melbourne safe. The test run was a success. Time to ditch some things and make some more mods but because i brought tools with me there wasnt that much to do. Will just relax and slowly do things over the next few days.
June 3rd
I did some things! I have been doing bits and bobs here and there but today time was dedicated to getting the barina going again. More bins means more organization, which means more space. Cleaned up some of the wiring, which will have to be redone later on the road and michael made me some sweet brackets for the solar so i will collect more sun more often! Also worked on the curtains and got an RV leveller so I will know that i am level when I park for the night. Check the pictures! The red light is for watching movies, you can see the little red lights on the bottom right they are left to right, USB, Switch for usb, Switch for red light.


Sounds like a good short trip. Did you make sure to get your car level before you installed the level? Nothing like installing a level crooked so you think you are level but you are not ;-)
Absolutely awesome, Jeremy, and Thank you so much for thinking of me on May 25th
Love you xoxoxo
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